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However She feels tighter, and he feels smaller after using 18 Again V3ginal Shrink Cream. The 18th time around! It was seen on television. You are getting the Stephen Colbert bump on a late-night talk show. You can make your v3gina feel 18 ag3in! Recapture the youthfulness of your v3gina! However The 18 Agein v3ginal tightening cream will make you feel younger and sensual perfomance and increase pleasure for you and your partner. For maximum results, use the 18. ad and follow the instructions. 18 Agein. is a v3ginal shrink cream from Little Genie.

How does 18 again v3ginal tightening cream work?

However Replace dead cells with living ones. Improved blood circulation gives a v3gina new life and prevents internal wounds. By improving the strength of the v3ginal muscles and tissues, the grip of the v3gina will be enhanced. It provides a pleasant odor and helps to eliminate v3ginal infections and itching. Natural lubrication should be encouraged. Improve your enthusiasm by delaying the effects of aging on the v3ginal area.

How To Use It?

  • However 18 A18 Again Cream V3ginal Shrink Cream is relatively easy to use and does not require assistance.
  • Simply apply it using your own hands.
  • You should apply the product approximately 10 minutes before sensual activity.
  • After sensual perfomance, you should clean your inner parts with lukewarm water, and intimate body wash.
  • The first step is to clean your hands and v3gina before applying the product.
  • Take a small amount of Cream and apply it to your fingertip.
  • Apply 1.5 inches deep to the v3ginal wall and onto the v3ginal lips.


  • Your v3gina will tighten five minutes after applying it, and its effect will last 24 hours.
  • A natural tightening agent, 18 Again V3ginal Shrink Cream contains glycerin.
  • The v3ginal shrink cream will not stain your clothes.
  • You will achieve better results if you perform Kegels while using 18 Again V3ginal Shrink Cream.
  • The 18 Again V3ginal Shrink Cream Tube contains 1.5 ounces (44 milliliters).

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