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Introducing ‘Dooz 14000 Delay Spray,’ a specially formulated solution designed to potentially enhance male performance during intimate moments. This spray is crafted to provide a potential non-invasive remedy for those seeking to manage and potentially prolong their sensual experiences. With its discreet application and targeted approach, ‘Dooz 14000 Delay Spray’ aims to offer confidence and control, providing individuals with a potential tool to address concerns related to premature ejaculation. Discover the potential of this spray as it aims to redefine intimacy, offering a discreet and potential solution to enhance pleasure and confidence.

How To Use:

Anyone who struggles to achieve complete senual satisfaction due to premature. Therefore, ejaculation is advised to use Dooz 14000, a delay spray containing vitamin E It has no odor or taste, so if you receive oral sensual, your partner won’t able to tell to have it on.
Delay sprays, regardless of their brand, are effective solutions. They provide a 65% efficiency rate for premature ejaculation. Delay sprays make you last three to four minutes longer. They are safe to use, and you can even use them before having oral sensual

Uses of Spray:

Dooz 14000 Delay Spray with vitamin E (45ml bottle), the original delay spray, desensitizes the thrush when sprayed on the head and works within 5 minutes of spraying. You can have sensual for up to ten times longer after using it. Dooz 14000 (Delay Spray with Vitamin E) is available on to stop premature ejaculation. Dooz 14000 Delay Spray in Pakistan (45ml Bottle). The P3nis When Sprayed On The Head And Works Within 5 Minutes Of Being Sprayed. Giving Her Multiple Orgasms. Seventy-five percent of men suffer from premature ejaculation, a common condition that affects millions.

For Real Effectiveness, Use Dooz 14000 Delay Spray.

  • Whether you’re premature or not, be sure to please your lover.
  • Spray twice over your head, wait for 5 minutes, and then you are ready to start.
  • It is also possible to squirt into the palm of your hand and massage the product into the p3nis.
  • Because this spray doesn’t smell or taste like anything, if you get oral sensual, your partner won’t be able to tell you were wearing it.
  • Reduces Sensitivity.
  • Gives You A Longer Lasting Erection.
  • Increases Your Enjoyment And Confidence When Making Love.
  • Increase Her Enjoyment, Satisfaction And Desire.
  • Up To 200 Applications.
  • Lasts Up To 5 Hours.


  • This spray is potent.
  • Reduces sensitivity.
  • Gives You A Longer Lasting Erection.
  • Make your lovemaking experience more enjoyable and self-assured.
  • Increase Her Enjoyment, Satisfaction, And Desire.
  • Up To 200 Applications.
  • It lasts Up To 5 Hours.

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