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Introducing ‘Everteen Gel,’ a meticulously formulated solution crafted for intimate feminine care. Tailored to address the sensitive needs of women, this gel embodies a commitment to optimal hygiene and comfort. ‘Everteen Gel’ offers a gentle yet effective approach to maintaining intimate hygiene, safeguarding against discomfort and irritation. Enriched with thoughtfully selected natural ingredients, this gel is designed to ensure freshness and confidence throughout the day. Embrace the reassurance of ‘Everten Gel’ as it aims to elevate the standards of intimate wellness, empowering women with a sense of purity and comfort..

Everteen V3ginal Tightening Gel Imported From USA

Extracts from Quercus Infectoria, Tannins, Vitamins A and C, Calcium, Iron, Gallic Acid, Fiber, Protein, And Carbohydrates, Have Antioxidant Properties That Restore Health, Tone, The treatment promotes the regeneration of cells in the uterine wall, which in turn helps to heal and rejuvenate the epidermis of the v3gina. Its healing properties prevent infection and restore life to the cells and tissues of the v3ginal area.

What is the most effective way to use Everteen Gel?

Cleanse your hands and v3gina with clean water.
the gel is generally used by pouring a small amount onto your palm and then applying it to the external v3ginal area during a shower or bath. It’s meant for external use only and not for internal application.


The product gives a refreshing feeling and tones the v3ginal muscles.Enhances the flow of blood through the v3ginal muscles.Remove harmful bacteria from the v3ginal area.Everteen is marketed as a gentle and pH-balanced intimate wash aimed at maintaining v3ginal hygiene and freshness. It’s important to use such products as directed and to be mindful of any personal sensitivities or reactions. Consulting with a healthcare provider can offer guidance on whether this product is suitable for individual needs or if alternative hygiene practices should be considered.

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