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The “Super Viga 500000 Delay Spray” is likely introduced as a solution for men encountering challenges with premature ejaculation. It’s formulated to be applied topically to the p3nis, aiming to reduce sensitivity and delay the onset of ejaculation during sensual intercourse.
“Super Viga 500000 Delay Spray” is a topical product designed to potentially assist men experiencing issues with premature ejaculation by temporarily desensitizing the p3nis, thus prolonging sensual activity.

Potential Benefits:

  • Its primary purpose is to prolong sensual activity by temporarily reducing penile sensitivity, allowing for a longer duration before ejaculation occurs.
  • By extending the time before ejaculation, it aims to enhance sensual pleasure and satisfaction for both partners.
  • Applied directly onto the p3nis, it offers a convenient and straightforward method to address concerns related to premature ejaculation.
  • Often available over the counter without requiring a prescription, making it accessible for individuals seeking assistance with premature ejaculation.

Important Considerations:

The effectiveness of delay sprays like “Super Viga 500000” may vary among users based on individual penile sensitivity and responses to the product.Checking for potential allergies or adverse reactions to the ingredients before using is advisable. Performing a patch test before widespread application is recommended.


Seeking advice from a healthcare professional, especially for individuals with health conditions or concerns, is recommended before using delay sprays like “Super Viga 500000.”As with any product aimed at addressing sensual health concerns, consulting healthcare professionals before use, conducting thorough research, and ensuring they’re safe and suitable for personal health conditions is crucial for informed and safe use.

How to Use Super Viga 500000 Delay Spray:

Apply from the front side, including the top, at half the p3nis ten minutes before sensual activity. Do not touch your hand; apply and leave for ten minutes.45 Min

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